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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that Florida now uses CEBroker to confirm that nurses have met the continuing education requirement for license renewal. This means you can not renew your license until all your continuing education is submited and processed by CEBroker. This is not an issue unless you wait until the last minute to renew. If you do not meet the requirements as posted in CEBroker, you will be prompted to enter your continuing education. We DO REPORT to CEBroker, but since they do not process immedaitely, you may have to wait until the next morning to have the continuing education you complete today processed by CEBroker before you will be allowed to renew your license.

1) Do you report to CE Broker for Florida nurses?

   Answer - Yes, as a Florida nursing CE provider we are required to report within 90 days. We NOW report IMMEDIATELY. CEBroker tends to post within minutes to hours depending on the demand at the posting time.

2) I am renewing my license and I need it reported today, can that happen?

   Answer - Since we report immediately, this should be quickly available on the CEBroker. The only delay may be related to the demand.

3) I am getting my initial Florida license (new graduate or RN from another location), do you report to board?

   Answer - We can only report to CE Broker for individuals with CURRENT licenses in Florida. You may print your certificate immedaitely upon class completion, however you must submit the certificate to the FBON using their proscribed method on your own.

4) Are these courses approved for (RD, RT, MD, CNA, ARNP, etc)?

   Answer - Many of our courses are approved for the listed professions through complimentary board approval.

5) Are your courses approved by other state boards of nursing?

   Answer - The answer is a cautious, USUALLY! Most state boards of Nursing have a reciprocity clause for continuing education. Namely, if the course is approved by another state board of Nursing that REQUIRES continuing education, then that course is approved in the other state. Please check with your state board of Nursing for further clarification. We will soon be posting a link to CE requirements of nursing licensure in all states that will help to clarify this answer.


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Author Guidelines

We, at Knowledge is Power, Inc. and Nurse411.com are committed to bringing free or low cost continuing education offerings to nurses everywhere.  But, unfortunately we have limited resources.


Although we accept articles for electronic publication, we are also looking for all types of information that nurses may find interesting. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Editorials on topics that impact nursing or health care such as legislation, funding, nursing shortage, etc.
  • Interesting case studies/scenarios that may include x-rays, photos or ECG tracings (rhythm strips or 12 leads)
  • Stories of triumph or perseverance that highlight nurses and their impact on the patient.
  • New medications, procedures, and techniques in use in your clinical practice.
  • Conferences that you are aware of that you would like to add to our calendar.
  • Any other content you think we should have on this site.


Files should be submitted in Microsoft Word 97 (or later version). Due to the potential for viruses and their cousins, we prefer to not receive zip files and word files should not have macros (if you don't know what they are you probably don't have them).


The length of your content should be dictated by the material. Be careful not to pick too broad of a topic to write on.  For instance acute MI is too broad, new treatments for acute MI complications is better.

Stories of interest to nurses should optimally be no more than 2500 words. However, because of the editing process, feel free to exceed that length.

Conference and new therapy information should be limited to a paragraph or two. Material exceeding this length will be trimmed.


All material will be reviewed by nurses, doctors and/or ancillary health care professionals to insure accuracy, subject coverage and relevance. If the material is appropriate for our audience, it will be forwarded to the editorial board for editing both for length and clarity.

Any financial interest or professional/personal associations the author(s) have with any company in the article must be disclosed for ethical reasons.


Over the last couple of years, nationally recognized authors have been accused of plagiarism to the detriment of their reputations, the reputations of their publication and the trust of the people.

Therefore, we want to clearly state that plagiarism will not be tolerated. Sources will be researched and material may be submitted to professional search companies who will search for plagiarized material. It may take longer to come up with your own way of saying something, but it is worth it in the end.

We at nurse411.com pride ourselves on our ethics and we only want to use material that is in concert with this philosophy.


Knowledge is Power, Inc. and nurse411.com are the sole judges of the suitability of all material for the web site and/or any other publishing medium owned, operated or otherwise controlled by Knowledge is Power, Inc.  All decisions are final.


A photograph with any identifiable person with be accompanied by a release form signed by the party in the photograph or their legal guardian/representative. The author will be required to sign a document attesting that all content and associated materials are free from copyright or are accompanied by copyright release statements (provided upon acceptance of the submission).


You will be notified of acceptance or denial of your material within 30 days of receipt.  You will receive a return receipt for all materials you submit.  If you do not receive a e-mail receipt for you submissions within 48 hours, you may safely assume that it was not received and resubmit it.


Founded by me, Henry (Hank) Geiter, Jr, RN, CCRN-CMC, TNCC, in 2001, the mission of this company is to give nurses everywhere the opportunity to acquire skill and knowledge at their own pace in a non-threatening environment and for minimal or NO cost.

I have been a nurse since 1992 and helping to educate nurses since 1994 however, I only obtained Florida Board of Nursing Continuing Education provider approval in late 2003. I then began development of the online version of these courses which became available in December 2003.

Although there are a great many companies that provide nurses with continuing education opportunities, I felt we needed one more. You see, some offer free courses but on esoteric topics, some charge an exorbitant fee per hour of credit (some as high as $8.00 per hour of credit or more!). This site is different. We think education is a right of all nurses and cost is a factor that can inhibit learning.  We paid dearly for our initial education and now companies are bilking us for continuing education. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a year on interesting topics, you can learn for FREE! Some courses will have a small cost to help support the site, and the nursing adjuncts we have developed will, of course, have a modest fee attached, but the goal is education first, making money second. In addition I, and the other authors that you will see on this site, don't write to impress, we write to express!  Knowledge becomes most powerful when it is explained so others can understand it!  We pride ourselves on using simple language and very little technical mumbo-jumbo to truly demystifies medical and nursing knowledge.

In addition, I was tired of having forty different pages book marked and searching through my favorites on my browser; I wanted one place that nurses could go to get pertinent timely information.  Whether it was web sites for locating additional free resources, conferences, corporate web sites, or even links to other continuing education locations, both free and fee based, our company goal is to allow nurses to find all the opportunities that best fit their needs.

I love research and writing. Writing, to me, is a passion - whether short stories, technical articles, or books. Although it wasn't until recently that I decided to share his writing with others, once I started writing I had trouble stopping...

I have written more than 30 articles for nursing journals such as RN, Nursing2004 (through Nursing 2012), Vital Signs, and DCCN, and also write continuing education articles for my co-workers at Sunstar-Paramedics Plus. However, some of the continuing education articles are either "too long", "too detailed", or "not right for our audience" when submitted to the journals. Instead of limiting them to people I know and work with, I decided to make them available to everyone! Other authors on this site have written educational programs for Critical Care Transport Program where I work and they graciously allowed me to post them here for your perusal.


Coming Soon!
A state by state list of all CE requirements for:
  • Registered Nurses
  • License Practical/Vocational Nurses
  • Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Certified Nurses Assistants
  • Others that we may serve in the future!!
And courses we (and others!) offer to meet those requirements.
Also, board contact information,
Check Back Soon!
International Organizations
NP Organizations
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